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Tightrope Winery

Tightrope Winery



From general to specific the location of our winery says paradise.

The stunning sunset views and the ability to take a quick refreshing dip in Okanagan Lake, just steps away at Three Mile Beach, make the Tightrope location perfect for visitors and residents alike. The Kettle Valley Railway trail and nearby mountain biking routes make access to the vineyard handy for both those enjoying a pedal, or a walk, as well as those taking pleasure in the relaxing drive down the meandering Naramata Bench Road from Penticton.

Tightrope wines are produced from the finest wine grape growing soils in Canada. With the mild winters and hot-hot-hot summers the Naramata Bench makes for the perfect local to grow spectacular wine grapes. Located along the east side of Okanagan Lake, just north of Penticton, the Tightrope Vineyard captures maximum sun for grape ripening and sugar content, while encouraging gentle airflow amongst the rows of leafy vines. The tranquil summer days are like the contented sigh of Mother Nature as the grapes progress through veraison towards the long golden days of harvest.

This tightrope is a delight to walk.